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Brian Harpenau, Grain Manager

photo of Brian Harpenau, lemars agri center office managerWith the winter cold we are experiencing, now it is the time to continually check your stored grain on your farm. We have seen several instances that corn has picked up moisture after being put in the bin. Be vigilant and keep a close watch on your bins, especially with the tight margins we are experiencing.


Grain prices remain flat. Political issues are affecting grain more than in the past. If we take the political things out of the equation we still have a large surplus of grain on hand. We have to remember we are trading a world market in which the world continues to find ways to produce more ever year. It will take a major weather event in my opinion to bring grain prices back to $4.00 corn and $10.00 beans.


If we see an opportunity to sell $9.00 new crop cash beans and $3.75 new crop cash corn, consider it an opportunity. It is not too early to think about selling 2020 crop at these levels either.

We appreciate your business and most importantly, remember to stay safe!

photo of le mars agri center ears of corn

Remember …

Keep checking your grain bins, to ensure the safety of your crops!



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